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    Oh finals week, I will get through you #miami #fiu #library #finals #slp #lastone #seeyounextyear


    #observatory #astronomy #FIU #FIUSM #reporter (at Stocker AstroScience Center)

    Poetry is hard to write. But we got you covered. This is how you write a poem.


    LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN #22DAYS #miamiliving #miamihereicome #FIU #GOPANTHERS


    Super excited and nervous to start next month ๐Ÿ˜

    #FIU #orientation #FIUProud #FIUTransfers ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿฑ


    Good luck on finals this week to all of you in Summer B and Summer C classes! #fiu #fiuspc

    Will you guys still be having salsa classes at BBC? :D


    No word as of yet but you can keep an eye onย http://bbcrec.fiu.edu/ to see if it will be there :)

    I have already been accepted into F.I.U and I begin in the fall semester however, I need to start working now so I can have enough to pay for my housing once school starts. Can I apply for a job now? If so, where and how?


    Sure, assuming you have the necessary work authorization, you can apply for a job any time you like. You can find a list of our available student positions here.

    Have you taken a snap at our iSnap photo booth machine in GC? Too much love happening! Make sure you stop by!ย 

    Check out the other snaps.

    When it comes to joining sport clubs, do you have to have experience? like say i wanted to join fencing or boxing, do i have to know how to do it already? or can i join it as a total newbie?


    Hi! These clubs are open to novices as well as experienced participants. You can feel free to join and learn :)

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