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    Guess who just finished their presentation on Italia America? Guess who also has to now study for microeconomics final….




    the guy at the piano just played the saddest version of rugrats I have ever heard


    Study time :/



    One revision and a 4 to 6 page story to go … Please keep me up #school #fiu #fiufinals #getitdone

    When is the earliest I can submit an application for Spring 2016? Would I receive an answer before my senior year is over?


    You should be able to submit an application up to a year in advance. It takes up to six weeks to receive an admission decision

    Hi I was the person who was talking about the decision and i meant the admissions decision. Since I applied so late, when should I be expecting to know if I'm admitted or not?


    We have rolling admissions for undergraduates so there is no deadline per se. It takes up to six weeks to receive an admission decision after you have submitted a completed application. 

    What are the criteria for the merit scholarships?


    Hey. Here is a list of all the merit scholarships and there requirements:


    I have to submit my parents' irs tax return transcript for 2013 in order to get financial aid but the irs is taking forever to process them even though we filed a long time ago. I need to get this taken care of asap but I don't know what to do for my financial aid. Do I fax signed copies of their taxes? Also, I click on my to-do list to get the cover page so I can fax them but nothing loads when I press "Ok"


    HI. By Federal regulations, the FIU Financial Aid Office is not permitted to accept copies of tax returns/w2s. When the official tax return transcripts have been obtained (online at irs.gov) in order to submit the tax returns please retrieve the myFIU tax return coversheet by ensuring that the required web browser and latest Java plugin are being used. You may refer to the e-form how to guides at this link http://onestop.fiu.edu/forms/index.html.

    If I get rejected and reapply do I need to resend HS transcripts or will they still be on file?


    You would have to wait a year before reapplying but if you already sent us your high school transcripts we will have that on file.

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