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    Call Me Maybe - FIU Welcome Back 2012

    We decided to have a little fun and make our own cover of Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe”. We hope you enjoy! (Official FIU Video)


    My name is Maureen A. Donnelly and I am a biologist at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  This photo was taken in Madre de Dios Peru after Rudolf von May and I visited one of his study sites.  We are interested in the ecology and conservation of tropical forest frogs. 

    He found success in Tinseltown, but Danny Pino’s dream is to bring his work home.

    The Florida International University grad stars on NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU,” playing a detective who investigates sexually-based offenses for an elite squad in New York City. He’s also known for another detective role, on the former CBS crime series “Cold Case,” and for his portrayal of Cuban entertainer Desi Arnaz in a 2003 TV movie.

    There’s a lot of soul-searching in Florida. In the end if higher education is viewed by most states as a cost and not an investment, then it’s inevitable that this kind of cost shifting will continue to occur.

    FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg

    Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be - New York Times

    As state funding has dwindled, public colleges have raised tuition and are now resorting to even more desperate measures — cutting training for jobs the economy needs most.

    Good handwriting and good grades: FIU researcher finds new link

    Noteworthy comment from LaTonyaRoberts2012 on YouTube: 

    My boyfriend was just telling me today, after I told him he had terrible handwriting, that he actually can write better it’s just because he doesn’t care to try. I guess if he wrote better, his grades would be better

    Carolina and seven other students with intellectual disabilities are attending FIU classes through a first-of-its-kind program in South Florida called Project Panther LIFE (Learning is for Everyone). FIU has invited these students to audit classes and experience college in ways many previously thought was out of reach.

    For the full story, visit http://bit.ly/sYha1Q.

    For the first time ever, FIU will be piloting a Winter Mini Session allowing currently enrolled students to take a course between Dec. 14 and Jan. 5. Registration ends Nov. 5!

    FIU vs. UCF - Who’s better?

    Welcome back! These FIU Panthers welcome you to Fall 2011. Have you seen President Rosenberg and Roary dancing in the fountain yet?


    I can’t wait until classes start! I’ll be super involved in AMA this year. Our AMA is ranked 2nd in the Nation. Yessss.  

    I bleed blue & gold.

    <3 Panther Pride

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