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    Student photographer Marvel Bishop is offering fellow FIU Panthers free professional portraits. The 5-15 minute photo shoot can be taken anywhere on the campus of your choice and the photos will be posted on Marvel Bishop Photography

    To schedule a photo shoot, call 516-526-5963.


    Off to SROW! 

    Have fun! 

    2012 Peer Advisors announced 

    "Coming to FIU as a freshman was hectic at times for me because I didn’t know what to expect from it. Was I going to make new friends that would last a lifetime? Would I have an impact on my school? Can I change the way people think about FIU?” Dillon says. “On Wednesday, all those questions were answered with a huge YES! Becoming a 2012 Peer Advisor so far has been the biggest accomplishment for me since I started college.” 

    Read the full story on news.FIU.edu

    Thanks to Christian Williams, public relations senior, for sharing this story! 


    Happy Local Founder’s Day to my fellow Pi Theta members at FIU, alpha love & all of mine :)


    What an incredibly disapointing game :/ However we did show the world that we are behind our panthers whether we win or lose. We came out to the St. Petersburg Bowl to show Marshall our support for our young football team. We made our mark, we finished this season with our best game record. 


    Beef O’ Brady’s bowl FIU! =]


    Day 41: Me at my FIU Masters degree graduation.

    (via yamis365-deactivated20120605)


    I graduated college today :)
    Best day ever!
    Class of 2011


    New FIU Nursing shirt! Woohoo class of 2013! #wrinkleyshirt #nursingstudent #FIU (Taken with instagram)



    this is what I look like, with my model, on 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours. hahaha I’m ridiculous…but so happy with the turn out. I had an AWESOME final<3


    Looks great! Best of luck on the rest of your finals. 

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